Fat Golf Ball Shift Knob.

The Fat Golf Ball Shift Knob. 

2.25 inch in diameter,

~ 4 oz base weight with option to add weight (8 oz and 12.5 oz version available)

Thread sizes

8mm x 1.25/ 10mm x 1.25/ 10mm x 1.5/ 12mm x 1.25/ 12mm x 1.5/ 12mm x1.75 and more

Create a color of your choice, solid or transparent. Add some sparkle, glow or make it uv reactive. Add additional weight and more. We are happy to answer any questions about creating a knob. Knobs come in a base color of your choice. Clear, Glow, Sparkle, Solid or Semitransparent colors available. Weighted knobs are not available in clear, sparkle, or semitransparent colors.

Click "Additional shift knob and vehicle info" at check out. Add color preference and any additional notes.



Designer shift knobs and custom automotive accessories. Made in the U.S.A.